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Dissecting the Financial Collapse of 2007-2008

Considerable resources are being expended to develop new regulations to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. It is vital these new regulations are appropriately focused to encourage liquid money markets during any future period of financial stress. In support of that aim, Treasury Strategies (TSI) has prepared this analysis of the money markets… Read more »


The Financial Meltdown of 2007-2008

Treasury Strategies applauds the legislative and regulatory goals of improving U.S. financial system safety and soundness in the aftermath of the financial crisis. However, as we observe that process unfolding, we are concerned the desired outcome may be getting lost. To support maintaining focus on critical areas, this paper provides context and proportionality to the… Read more »


Treasury Strategies update on IRS Rule 385

Treasury Strategies has long been a high profile advocate on behalf of our corporate and banking clients as you deal with the regulatory fallout from the financial crisis. Once again, a proposed regulation threatens to disrupt the routine daily business practices of most medium sized and large corporations and the banks who serve them. In… Read more »


Treasury Strategies’ Quarterly Corporate Cash Briefing™

Decision time is upon us:  Specific decisions Corporate Treasurers will need to make through the end of 2016. Please join the largest and longest-running conversation on corporate cash decisions in the financial industry. Our upcoming Quarterly Corporate Cash Briefing™ will include an expert panel discussing the factors that are influencing your corporate cash investment and… Read more »


2016 ICD Road Show

This is an important year for treasury and the 2016 Institutional Cash Distributors (ICD) Roadshow is traveling to several major cities. Each stop will feature senior-level industry specialists, including Cathy Gregg, Managing Director at Treasury Strategies as a panelists to discuss how treasury departments can better prepare for SEC2a-7 and Basel III Regulatory Reform. Attendance… Read more »


AFP Annual Conference

Tony Carfang, Jeff Diorio and Jacob Nygren welcome the opportunity to speak at the upcoming AFP Annual Conference on the following topics: Global Regulation Increasing: Maintain a Strategic Course Speaker: Tony Carfang, Managing Director Smarter, Better, Faster Payments – Keys to STP Speaker: Jeff Diorio, Director Cash Forecasting Health Check: Maximize Effectiveness Speaker: Jacob Nygren,… Read more »

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