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2017 Corporate Treasury Priorities – A New Starting Line

Each year, Treasury Strategies assesses the state of the treasury profession and key issues on the horizon.  We supplement our rich experiences from consulting to corporate Treasurers with a robust survey of treasury priorities.  This year, over 450 organizations participated in the survey. When we consider what our clients and the survey participants are telling… Read more »


U.S. House Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored Enterprises – Questions For The Record

In this letter, Tony Carfang addresses a specific question from Representative Rothfus regarding the recently implemented Money Market Fund (MMF) regulations and also fills in some blanks from the original hearing.


U.S. House Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored Enterprises

Testimony of Anthony J. Carfang, Managing Director, Treasury Strategies, a division of Novantas, Inc. December 8, 2016 Click here for the press release. Click here to view video of Mr. Carfang’s testimony.


Key Trends in 2017: Working Capital & Accounts Receivable

U.S. corporations spend more than $500 billion every year managing their treasury and working capital functions. That is why it is important for business leaders to stay on top of key trends and learn how other companies are transforming their working capital activities to improve customer experience, efficiency and liquidity management, and reduce risk. By… Read more »


Leaping the Barriers to Perfect Cash Forecasting

Cash forecasting remains the #1 priority for Treasurers to improve. Corporate treasury teams continue to struggle with developing an accurate and reliable cash forecast, affecting their ability to optimize cash returns, meet hedging policies, and mobilize cash globally. Treasury Strategies and Kyriba will tackle the reasons why treasury teams have difficulty perfecting their cash forecasts… Read more »


Treasury Strategies Testifies on “The Impact of Regulations on Short-Term Financing” to the U.S. Congress

Anthony Carfang, Managing Director of Treasury Strategies, a division of Novantas, Inc. testified today at the U.S. House of Representatives on “The Impact of Regulations on Short-Term Financing.” Treasury Strategies supports well-thought-out efforts to improve economic efficiency and to reduce the likelihood of another systemic failure. Citing experiences of Treasury Strategies’ corporate clients, Carfang raised… Read more »

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