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Treasury Makes Room for Pooling

The U.S. Treasury Department’s final version of rules aimed at curbing corporate inversions eliminates the threat to cash management tools used by corporate treasuries, such as cash pooling, that was posed by the former version of the rules. “In response to thoughtful feedback, Treasury is providing a broad exemption for cash pools and other loans… Read more »


Regulatory Watch: Post-Rule Change, Prime Funds in the Balance

Signals point to prime fund inflows but nothing yet and extent unknown. October 14 has come and gone and there are a couple money market fund trends that may bode well for prime money market funds. One is that spreads between institutional prime and government MMFs have widened since the October 14 implementation of new… Read more »


Multinationals Scramble To Contain Risks Linked to Brexit

Multinationals are moving to protect against foreign exchange risk and other repercussions of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, said Anthony Carfang, managing director of consulting firm Novantas Inc.’s Treasury Strategies Inc. division. Specifically, finance chiefs and treasurers are increasing their currency hedges, raising cash holdings and more closely scrutinizing the credit quality of… Read more »


Novantas Acquires Treasury Strategies

Exciting news! Today, Treasury Strategies is merging with Novantas, Inc. to create a 200-person consulting powerhouse to support senior executives in financial services and corporate financial management. Novantas is the leading bank analytics solutions and advisory company, serving 75% of the largest banks around the world. As we’ve said many times, CFOs need increasingly sophisticated… Read more »


5 Things to Know About Negative Rates

The Fed isn’t likely to push U.S. rates below zero, but treasurers of multinationals still have to cope with negative rates overseas. While treasurers have been dealing with low interest rates for years, they’re now facing negative rates on bank deposits in some parts of the world. The prospect of paying a bank to hold… Read more »


How Banks and Corporates Can Prevent Payments Fraud Together

Click here to download the presentation. Click here to access the recording. Please join Treasury Strategies, Bottomline Technologies and our expert panel to hear how our bank and corporate panelists are working together with solution providers to fight back and prevent payments fraud. We’ll specifically discuss: • Results from a recent Corporate survey on payment… Read more »


Treasury-Only MMFs Equivalent To T-Bills, Says Report

Treasury-only money-market funds are the “functional equivalent” of Treasury bills and should be treated as such for purposes of collateral management. That is what is recommended in a recently-published paper, “Collateral Scarcity: An Approach to Preventing Market Stress from Becoming Contagion.” Written by corporate treasury consulting firm Treasury Strategies, the paper makes its case by… Read more »


A Clear View of Cash

Treasury departments never stop focusing on cash forecasting, but sometimes it ranks higher on their list of priorities. This is one of those times, as factors ranging from volatility in the foreign exchange market and the prospect of higher interest rates to the effects of Basel III regulations renew companies’ interest in having an accurate… Read more »

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