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H.R. 2319/S. 1117 – Restoring Money Market Mutual Funds for Disaster Recovery

As our states and communities seek to recover from some of the costliest natural disasters in our nation’s history, they need more than government disaster assistance to repair and rebuild homes, schools, hospitals, utilities, businesses, bridges, roads and other critical infrastructure. They need low-cost private sector financing, and money market funds are among the most… Read more »


Maintaining Public Sector Funding Access: The Importance of Preserving Money Market Mutual Funds (MMFs)

New MMF regulations that were implemented in October 2016 are having major negative consequences for issuers and borrowers of debt held by money market funds. Specifically, Tax-Exempt MMFs (TE MMFs) are closing and assets are leaving. This is drying up a very important municipal financing conduit. Additionally, the flight of assets out of Prime MMFs… Read more »


Negative Impacts of New US Money Market Fund Regulations on Businesses and Municipalities

New Money Market Fund regulations which went into effect October 14, 2016 were intended to prevent future bailouts and enhance market stability. Instead, they have disrupted financial markets, hurt municipal and business borrowers, improved short term borrowing conditions for the U.S. government and agencies at the expense of investors and the private sector, and increased… Read more »


Account Analyses: Starting Point for Good Treasury Management

Please join our upcoming webinar, we’ll discuss how taking control of your account analysis statements will help you with Good Treasury Management. During this 30-minute event, you’ll learn about NDepth: our new Bank Fee Analysis solution for Corporate Treasury. NDepth easily translates tedious but important bank account analyses from either PDF or EDI files into… Read more »


12th Annual State of the Treasury Profession Webinar

Click here to download the presentation. Click here to access the recording. Join us on Thursday, January 25 for our 12th Annual State of the Treasury Profession webinar, where you’ll hear more about the top-priority projects you have planned for 2018. Listen in as we draw on our deep experience with corporations and financial institutions to assess where we… Read more »


Treasury Strategies’ Quarterly Corporate Cash Briefing™ – January 2018

Click here to download the presentation. Click here to access the recording. Corporate Cash Trends for 2018 Please join the largest and longest-running conversation on corporate cash decisions in the financial industry. Our upcoming Quarterly Corporate Cash Briefing™ will include an expert panel discussing the factors that are influencing your corporate cash investment and borrowing decisions. For… Read more »

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