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Treasury: The First 100 Days

How corporate treasurers succeed. We wanted to find out what factors led to corporate treasury success so we asked our clients directly. They told us what they did, wish they had done, regret having done and recommend you do to succeed in any new treasury position. We’ve published our findings in “Corporate Treasury, the First… Read more »


Money Market Fund Regulation Winners, Losers and Long-Term Consequences

New Money Market Fund regulations which went into effect October 14, 2016 were intended to prevent future bailouts and enhance market stability. Instead, they have disrupted financial markets, hurt business and municipal borrowers, and increased U.S. taxpayer bailout exposure in future market stress events. While there are winners and losers with any regulatory change, the magnitude of the shifts in… Read more »


Optimize Your Forecasting: Improving the Crystal Ball

The U.S. economy has just emerged from a long zero-rate era, and is now in what will undoubtedly be several years of gradual rate increases. This intensifies the importance of a good cash position forecast.


2017 National Treasurers Conference

A New Starting Line For Corporate Treasury How a shifting global regulatory and economic framework will cause a reset for treasurers in 2017. Topics covered will include a discussion of the new geopolitical order considering: Bilateral vs. Multilateral Approaches The Shifting Regulatory Framework Implications for Corporate Treasury Cathy Gregg, Managing Director, and Tony Carfang, Managing… Read more »


Windy City Summit Annual Event

Cathy Gregg, Managing Director will present “Corporate Treasury:  Building Your Playbook.” Tony Carfang, Managing Director and Cory Pappe, Wells Fargo will present “Global Compliance Solution: Maintain a Strategic Course.” Contact us if you would like to schedule a meeting with us during the event or at a future date.


New England AFP Annual Conference

Tony Carfang, Managing Director and Ian Rasmussen, Fitch Ratings will present “Cash Management Tune-Up: Investment Products and Strategies.” Jeff Diorio, Director will present “Effective Cash Forecasting: Less Complicated Than You Think!” Elaine Filus, Principal and Marci Lerner, Hologic will present “Blueprinting A State-of-the-Art Treasury.” Contact us if you would like to schedule a meeting with us during… Read more »

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