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Industry Insights

Regulatory Insights

Treasury Strategies Takes Firm Stand On New Deposit Insurance Expansion

Treasury Strategies is pleased to present our comments on your proposed implementation of Section 343 of the Dodd-Frank Act. As consultants specializing in treasury, payments and liquidity management for both financial institutions and corporations, we have a unique insight into the likely consequences of Section 343 and the Act itself. Anthony Carfang & David Robertson… Read more »

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White Paper

High Corporate Cash: Hoarding or Responsible Financial Management?

Corporate cash and short-term investments are at record highs – both in absolute numbers and as a percent of total revenues. At $1.8 trillion  in the U.S. alone, cash is up 25% since the beginning of the recession. Corporate executives are under pressure to put that cash back to work. Indeed, there have been charges… Read more »

White Paper

Analysing the Dodd-Frank Effect on Corporates

The repeal of Regulation Q as a result of the Dodd-Frank law means banks will be allowed to pay interest on business chequing accounts for the first time since the 1930s. Corporates need to take steps to prepare for the inevitable shifts in the marketplace. Reg Q, interest on business checking, interest on ddas, interest… Read more »


A Balanced Team: Illustrating the Value of a Fluid Treasury and IT

Treasury has never been more visible within the corporation or more responsible for an organisation’s success. In prior decades, treasury- related tasks involved routine work often viewed as a supplementary function linked to administrative duties; as a department, treasury did not demand significant technology resources. Times have changed. The evolution of treasury management has been… Read more »


State of the Treasury


Liquidity Management – Plotting Progress in a Turbulent Market

This article examines the implications of Treasury Strategies’ 2008 Global Corporate Treasury & Liquidity research findings.  For providers of treasury services, the implications in brief is, “deliver enhanced banking solutions that optimize liquidity and manage risk.” Chrystal Pozin / TMI Magazine TMI_GlobalLiquidity_0.pdf


The New look of Liquidity Management in the U.S. – Chastened by Risk, Shaped by Globalization, Enabled by Technology

This article takes a new look at liquidity management in the United States leveraging the Findings of Treasury Strategies’ 2008 Global Corporate Treasury Research Program. Across the country, the strategic role of Treasury continues to grow, driven by globalization and technology. For financial services providers, the current liquidity crisis affords providers a rare opportunity to… Read more »


The Top 5 Transaction Services Providers League Tables

As part of the 2008 Global Corporate Treasury Research Programme, Treasury Strategies asked corporates to list their Top 5 treasury services banks in Asia, Europe, the U.S. and Canada. Responses were gathered in June 2008 through both telephone interviews and questionnaires. Treasury Strategies / FX&MM Magazine FX_Sept_08.pdf

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Treasury In Transition

Treasury Strategies / FX&MM Magazine FX&MM_ResearchTeaser.pdf

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Turbulent Markets Create ARS Management Challenges

The $330 billion auction-rate securities (ARS) market is currently in disarray. If they are part of your portfolio, you must be considering ways to deal with them. Now, many corporations are holding these investments for the long-term and are left with many questions. This article discusses best practices in the areas of valuation, accounting practices,… Read more »