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The New Bank Fee Analysis Solution for Corporate Treasury

Tackle an Age-Old Problem with a State-of-the-Art Solution

Translate Bank Account Analyses into Meaningful Information

It’s so simple: upload PDF or 822 account analyses and download visually appealing charts and dashboards

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The Challenge

Automate Submissions

Standardized Data

Manage Bank Relationships

Automate Submissions

Standardize Data

Manage Bank Relationships

NDepth Advantage

  • Cloud-based solution, requires no IT
  • Submit PDF or 822 account analyses every month and receive your reports
  • Translate account analyses to understandable items and reports
  • Analyze spend, ECR, balances over time and across banks
  • Visually appealing charts and dashboards
  • Benchmark at product family level
  • Highlight charges greater than a pre-set threshold
  • Examine how fees and balances distribute across credit banks
  • Uncover trends; develop insights and ideas

Powerful tools and intelligence for efficient bank relationship analysis

NDepth Differentiators

  • Easy to Use: No IT involvement; upload PDF or 822 statements and receive your reports
  • Visually Elegant: Tableau-supported reports take analysis to a new visual level
  • Developed by Treasury Strategies: Leader in treasury management consulting; decades of market insight
  • 360 Degree View: Corporate treasury + banks = complete view



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