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Navigating the Landscape of Treasury Technology

By upholding th three pillars of treasury best practices: global cash visibility/optimal liquidity, robust risk management, and effective treasury operations, a corporate treasury funciton could achieve the strategic vision of treasury. ¬†SWIFT for corporates provides a means to accomplish that goal through the strengthened controls, risk mitigation, and value creation result from the use of… Read more »


GE Goes Green Using SWIFT

Discussion involves the Treasury Technology marketplace and the uses of SWIFT. Specific details about how GE leveraged SWIFT to reduce their carbon footprint and accomplish their going-green initiatives are shared. Mike Bassacco / SOFA Conference TSI_GEGoesGreen_0.pdf


What Must Corporate Treasury Do To Prosper in 2010?

Corporate treasury must aggressively prepare for global recovery in 2010 by building capacity to support growth, optimizing business processes, and using the latest treasury technology. Take time now to assess capacity, processes and technology to prepare for 2010 growth, but keep a keen eye on interest rates, FX volatility, and regulatory activity. Treasury Strategies StateProfession2010.pdf